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At TRAINETasia, we believe that effective sales training is essential for any business looking to thrive in today’s competitive market. Our unique B2B sales training program combines an in-depth understanding of your company and its products with proven selling techniques, allowing us to deliver results-driven training that gets actual results.

Our experienced trainers and coaches deeply understand the principles and practices of effective selling. We use this expertise to provide participants with practical strategies and skills they can apply immediately. Whether you want to improve your sales performance through better prospecting, closing, or negotiation tactics or need coaching on challenging customer situations, our program has you covered.

The Important of a Sales Course for B2B Business

Selling today has radically changed. Digital technology is altering not only how, where and when we buy, but is transforming our client’s experience, expectations of and interactions with our products and services.

Stressed out, overworked decision makers view their time as precious commodity. And most sales people if ever granted an appointment have an average of 4 minutes to create an impression that moves the sales forward. Most salespeople struggle with:

  • Capturing the attention of decision makers due to lack of client focus messages
  • Getting stuck with the wrong decision maker
  • Establishing trust and building relationship with people they could not meet in person
  • Nurturing and re-engaging prospective clients to ensure that they’re top of mind when it’s decision time
  • Prospecting process where most prospecting is done sporadically
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Granted, selling is a high pressure activity where the demands are great. Yet many find that it is one the most rewarding and fulfilling career.

Are one of those time-crunched managers meeting with your sales team each week wondering what’s holding them back from hitting their numbers…
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Have an inside organization contributing to your sales numbers or qualifying leads for you and you’re wondering how they can get some skills training fast…
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Are looking for training with a proven track record to help you lift sales, train your crew, and combine it with your innovative marketing?


TRAINETasia is here for you.
Unlike others, we will learn the uniqueness of your company, products and key competitors. We will then combine the strength of your products and services with result generating selling skills to create the type of sales that you want.
“Success is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.” –Jim Rohn

Since 2009, TRAINETasia has been serving businesses big and small, transforming their sales force into competitive operations to succeed in today’s challenging market. TRAINETasia is currently led by Shane Lee an expert sales trainer, consultant and speaker.

TRAINETasia is a sales training and performance improvement company dedicated to helping organizations to improve sales results.

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