Learn how to close more sales with the expert

Instead of focusing on the old ABC: Always Be Closing, we will share with you powerful truths in selling. Most often, prospective clients are lost much earlier in the interaction because the client for your brand, service or product simply doesn’t trust you. We will not share closing tricks, techniques or gimmicks. In fact we will teach you quite the opposite and with good reason. You will learn not to tell. Rather you will learn how to create a dialogue with prospective clients, ask targeted questions and truly differentiate your products from your competitors. When you learn what really matters, then you can help your clients buy your products and services.

5 Steps to a successful sale

Building Professional Rapport

  • The words to use to foster professional rapport in your client’s office, in the showroom, the clients’ home, or on the phone.
  • Know which attitude builds sales, which kills it and how to consistently make yours deliver the sale
  • How to let your client settle and how not to spook them to leave your shop or show you the door
  • The crucial questions to avoid and what to say to build trust further

Gathering Insights

  • What to include in your “homework” and develop the right strategy for your questions prior to the discussion.
  • What to say, and how to get client’s permission to probe about their actual needs
  • The words to use and what to avoid in your unique situation to get customers to open up to you

Deliver Targeted Benefits

  • Know what gets mentioned, what doesn’t and avoid mistakes in articulating features and benefits that many salespeople make
  • How to use “story selling” to weave your solutions that benefit the client
  • The words to use and how to say it to differentiate your products and services compared with key competitors

Handling Objections

  • Why clients give you those objections and how to turn it around
  • The words to use and how to say it convincingly in differentiating your products
  • When and how to admit your flaws and what to do to translate that to your benefits
  • Which questions to avoid and what to ask in return to learn more about your client’s needs

Closing the sales

  • The sale naturally happens if you approach it right and built trust
  • Learn the sales cycle of your client and how to engage them
  • What to do, when to execute and how to keep the sales going with clients
What Clients Are Saying

sales development with eisai

Her Training Is Targeted and It will Sharpen Your Selling Skills

“We find the delivery of the sales training to be targeted; with excellent examples, experiential activities and role-plays incorporated into the program. Her experience in selling and coaching has helped sharpen the sales representatives’ selling skills regardless of their existing experience.” (..click for more info)

Celine Ting/ Managing Director Eisai Singapore



sales training at aspen malaysiaShe Understands Your Products Strength and How You Can Sell It

“Her experience in selling and understanding of our products strengths makes the session effective. I highly recommend her as your training partner” (..click for more info)

Andrew Ooi/ Country Manager Aspen Malaysia

Signature Sales Programs
  • Sales Coach With Results
    Essential and practical coaching and communication skills for leaders
  • High Impact Sales Coaching
    -Apply situational leadership matching subordinates competencies & motivation
  • Executive Program For New Leaders
    -Skill and knowledge transition from an independent producer to co-dependant leaders
  • Persuasive Selling Skills
    -Influencing skills made easy
  • Effective Communications For Leaders
    -Setting direction, influence and motivate others with speed and ease
  • Present With Power Program
    -Create fast results with your sales presentation to clients

Hire Shane as your Sales Trainer, and continue to sales greatness with our transformational leadership program training for your team.

We partner with the best mind in leadership to bring the best out of your leadership team.

Exclusive Leadership Programs
  • 360° survey for top management
  • Strategic management training
  • Strategy planning workshop
  • Performance management system design and training to implementation on a companywide basis
  • Process management and improvement
  • Organization assessment and improvement
    • Enablers to Results using EFQM model
  • Leadership training and coaching
    • Senior and top management level

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